Arbor Day in Beaverton

Planting event at Hyland Park school on April 8, 2017.

40 trees donated by Rigert Shade tree including: Big leaf maples, Douglas firs, and sequoias. Planted by 50 volunteers, Friends of Trees, and City of Beaverton Landscaping and Urban Forestry crew.

We can address any of your tree or landscaping questions you may have; please contact Steve Brennan at 503-526-2206 or Pat Hoff at 503-526-2237. You can also fill out the Report a Problem form.

Important Urban Forestry Links

Arbor Day 2013

Please enjoy this Wonderland Arboretum presentation - made by the Landscape and Urban Forestry crew to thank their fellow members for a job well done at the Wonderland Arboretum on SW Alice Ln. and SW Allen Blvd.