Better Buildings Challenge

Mayor Denny Doyle wants to encourage your organization to make smarter energy decisions that reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, protect our environment, and save money that is wasted on unnecessary energy costs.

Buildings throughout Beaverton and the country waste energy because they are not efficient. This greatly contributes the amount of fuel we purchase and our level of greenhouse gas emissions.
Taking simple steps can reduce energy use, and the money saved can be spent on growing local businesses, investing in new technologies, and creating jobs in our community.

Please join the City of Beaverton in supporting the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge to reduce the energy use throughout our city.

It’s easy to become a partner
  1. Sign the Pledge
  2. Track your energy use
  3. Implement an energy conservation project
  4. Report results
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The Beaverton Better Buildings Challenge is a collaboration among:
Energy Trust of Oregon
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