Ten Tiny Dances

BEAVERTON TEN TINY DANCES® presented the work of exemplary contemporary and traditional choreographers on a 4’ x 4’ stage in a non-conventional site. This event engages, surprises, delights, and perhaps challenges the community around art in public spaces, and highlights the artistic and cultural diversity of Beaverton.”

  • ADAPT | break dance
  • Def Con 5 | break dance
  • Mike Barber & Cydney Wilkes | contemporary
  • Nartana School of Kuchipudi Dance | East Indian
  • Painted Sky Northstar Dance Company | Native American
  • The Patrollers | break dance
  • push/FOLD | contemporary
  • Ritual Azteca Huitzilopochtli | traditional Azteca
  • Victoria Rose White | Irish dance
  • The Zealous Advocates | jazz

Visit www.tentinydances.org for more information about this amazing group.