Food Cart Study

The Economic Development division is currently conducting a Food Cart Feasibility Study to explore various options related to economic development and land use that could potentially expand mobile food vending in Downtown Beaverton while minimizing negative impacts to and ensuring the safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Survey responses will provide valuable feedback from the community and will be incorporated into the findings that will be presented to Planning Commission.

Food Cart Feasibility Study, April 2015

Planning Commission held a work session on Wednesday, April 29th and discussed food carts in Beaverton.
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Surveys closed as of April 15, 2014.

The Food Cart Feasibility Surveys are now closed. Thank you for participating.
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What does the City of Beaverton currently allow for food carts?

Richis TacoFood carts, referred to as Temporary Use Mobile Sales, are permitted on private property in the City of Beaverton provided certain development standards are met, appropriate permits are issued, and zoning restrictions are followed.

Application for Temporary Mobile Sales shall be required when the following threshold applies: the sale of plants, flowers, books, crafts, produce, beverages, food, and other similar items in a single location for a period that is greater than one hour and less than seven (7) hours
per day. [ORD 4513; August 2009].

For complete information about specific requirements and regulations for food carts operating within the City, please review Chapter 40 - Permits and Applications of the Development Code

Required Applications

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Washington County:

Mobile Food Unit Licensing Forms

Starting a business in Beaverton? See additional resources for how to start a business and additional business assistance.




Every person or entity doing business in the City of Beaverton must possess a valid Business License from the Finance Department, as stated in Section 7.01 of the City of Beaverton Municipal Code. This code also applies to businesses located outside of Beaverton that perform business transactions or services in Beaverton.


Please contact the Mike Williams, Economic Development Manager, at 503-526-2456 or

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