Duncan Lane Waterline Upgrade - CIP 4083

Duncan Ln & 98th Ave (Jamieson Rd to BH Hwy) Waterline Upgrade

Project Description:

 Replace the existing 4-inch waterline with 925 feet of 8-inch water line and associated water services on Duncan Ln between Jamieson Rd and 98th Ave and on 98th Ave from Duncan Ln to Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.

Project Manager:

Jim Brink, 503-526-2450

Project Status:

 FY14/15: Need for project determined.
FY15/16: Begin design by City staff.

FY16/17: Complete design and construct by contract.

Substantial Completion Date:

January 31, 2017
CIP 4083 Description
CIP 4083 Plan
New waterline freshly installed in roadside trench.