Roadside Safety Signs

How to assemble roadside safety signs


Locate the two (2) signs that you’ll be taking.


Unfold the legs of the base. Do this by pressing down on the tab and pulling the leg towards the ground.
Next, unroll the sign. Rotate the crossbar so that it meets the loose corners. Similar to how you’d string a bow, place one end of the crossbar on the ground and gently bend it so that it fits into the tab on the corner of the sign. Repeat for the other side.AdoptARoad_Step3  AdoptARoad_Step4


Now, align the support post of the sign into the square hole on the base. Make sure that the small metal button is lined up with the hole. This will insure that the sign doesn’t decide to fly away.
Raise the little orange flags on the back, and place in a safe location at either end of your work area! AdoptARoad_Step6  AdoptARoad_Step7