Transit Oriented Area Overview

The Transit Oriented Area is poised to serve as a major component of Beaverton’s downtown. The City of Beaverton and BURA have spent significant energy, planning, and investment here in recent years and, as a result, the area is now ready to catalyze and support major redevelopment projects.

Projects include, but are not limited to, the redevelopment of the former Westgate theatre site as well as The Round and surrounding area.

BURA’s 5 Year Strategy
Transit Oriented Area

Transit Oriented Area
In addition to the City of Beaverton and BURA’s efforts to support catalytic projects, the Creekside District Master Plan and Implementation Strategy outlines a series of nurturing activities that need to occur for this sub-area to fully meet its potential.

Some of these projects include the introduction of a more effective street network, including grid-like features and smaller blocks; restoring and improving Beaverton Creek, showcasing it as an urban amenity; improving Canyon Road; and increasing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between the Creekside District and Old Town. To accommodate this redevelopment activity, BURA is in the process of developing a parking garage along Rose Biggi and Crescent Street.

BURA Allocation of Funds Five Year Forecast

Transit Oriented Graph

Catalyst Projects

For a complete list of catalyst projects, please see the BURA Project Map.