Staff Bios

Jim Brooks
Jim BrooksJim is the Program Manager for the Dispute Resolution Center. He has been a mediator for 13 years and began learning his craft as a volunteer for this program. Jim believes that people want to communicate more effectively and he encourages them to take responsibility for finding more productive ways to manage conflict in their lives. During his 10 years working for the program he has expanded the number and variety of services the Center offers to the community. Jim has served for 4 years as a board member for the Oregon Mediation Association and is currently serving his third term as President of the Oregon Association of Community Dispute Resolution Centers. When he can find the time Jim enjoys playing golf, hiking, reading historical novels, watching old movies and bringing order to his back yard.

Tsipora Dimant

Tsipora Dimant Tsipora is a Program Coordinator at Dispute Resolution Center. She has a BA degree in Organizational Communication from Marylhurst University. Tsipora has been mediating workplace, families, neighborhood, tenant/landlord and business disputes for over 20 years. In addition to teaching basic and advanced mediation, and conflict management, she mentors new mediators and facilitates cases. She is a talented facilitator, and provides trainings and workshops to both public and private audiences. Tsipora says “after 20 years of working with conflict, mediation is the way to go. Mediation allows parties to listen to each other rather than judge. The mediation approach asks people to take responsibility for the part in the conflict and gives them the tools to engage in collaborative negotiation that leads to a win-win result.” She enjoys working in the Beaverton community, because she likes seeing so many people in the community eager to learn new tools to deal with conflict. She also enjoys working with dedicated volunteers who are interested in helping the program and volunteer their time to help others. In her free time, Tsipora enjoys long hikes, bike rides, and the beautiful landscape of Oregon. She also enjoys indoor activities such as reading, knitting or creating mosaics.

Carley Berkey
Carley started with the DRC in 2012 where she coaches and trains volunteer mediators, collaborates with community partners, and teaches conflict resolution skills to citizens and volunteers.
Carley Berkey Carley began in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution at the age of 11 as a peer mediator in her middle school. She then mediated peer conflicts through high school before pursuing a BA degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Hawaii and then an MA in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University. As a lifelong peacemaker, Carley believes mediation is an empowering way for individuals to build empathy and see new perspectives when resolving conflicts. Before working with the DRC, she taught Conflict Resolution, Art, and English to students in Colorado, Hawaii and Oregon. In between working and studying she has backpacked and volunteered in 28 countries.
When she’s not working she can be found hiking, camping, or hosting dinner parties for friends.