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Beaverton Arts Commission
Beaverton Arts
The Board
Arts Commission Board
Jayne Scott
Beaverton Arts Commission
(503) 526-2288

Agenda & Minutes
Mailing List—News & Events
Mailing List—Agenda & Minutes

About the Arts Commission Board

  • Board Membership: There are up to 15 members. Terms of office shall be for one to three calendar years, with a total of not more than six years. Preference is given to members who are City residents. You can use our Boards and Commissions Membership Application to apply for an opening.
  • Duties of the Board of Directors shall be to fulfill the mandate set forth in the enabling ordinance of the Beaverton Arts Commission passed by the City of Beaverton. In addition, the Board of Directors shall:
    • Set policy regarding:
      1. Fundraising
      2. Public Relations
      3. Communications with the Beaverton City Council and the Mayor of the City of Beaverton
      4. Programs and projects
      5. Grants in aid of arts and artists

    • Approve the annual budget of the Beaverton Arts Commission
    • Establish standing advisory and ad hoc committees
    • Aid in development of the general membership

  • Meetings: All members are expected to attend all meetings; serve in a leadership position at some point during tenure on the Board; advocate for the Commission at City Council and City budget meetings; provide financial support to the Commission; and participate in the Commission's fundraising activities, committees or task forces; and attend and support Commission events. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Beaverton City Hall.
  • Materials/Activities: All members are expected to read all of the materials related to their meetings and participate in events and activities to the extent required.
  • Time Commitment: All members should be willing to dedicate many hours of preparation and meeting time each year for the Commission’s meetings and activities.
  • Beaverton Arts Commission Bylaws (PDF)