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Beaverton Arts Commission
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Public Art
Art in Public Spaces
Art for public spaces enhances the experience of that space, inspiring pride and contributing to a deeper understanding of our community.

The Beaverton Building at The Round
The Beaverton Arts Commission commissioned artist Paul Vexler to create works that will provide visitors to The Beaverton Building with a "sense of arrival."
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Artist rendering of The Round
Beaverton City Library
Apart from being one of the busiest libraries in the state of Oregon, the Beaverton City Library is home to public art installations, Beaverton Visual Chronicles and performing arts presentations.
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Beaverton City Library logo
Beaverton’s Mural Program
Providing opportunities for artists and community building public spaces the Beaverton Arts Commission’s Mural Program is making a positive impact on the face of Beaverton.
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Mural Program logo
Beaverton’s Sculpture Installation Program
The use of temporary art installations in Beaverton’s Public Art Plan is intended to generate excitement for the arts.
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Sculpture Program logo

Beaverton Public Art Tour Map
Explore downtown Beaverton’s murals, sculptures and art galleries with this easy to follow online map and downloadable PDF tour map.
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Public Art Map
Beaverton Public Art Master Plan
In 2009, a dedicated team of professional artists developed a Master Plan for ensuring that Art showed up more in public spaces.
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People view art in public places
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